#11: Coors Field, Colorado Rockies

Number of visits: 1 (2014)


Believe it or not, Coors Field is the third oldest ballpark in the National League, but you would never know by looking at it. The structure appears brand new and the grounds crew keep this diamond groomed to perfection. I love the small forest of pine trees that fill the batter’s eye. [Note: The “batter’s eye” is the location just beyond the center field fence that must remain clear of fans and other distractions. Some stadiums just have a solid wall.]

In the 20th row of the upper deck, purple seats stand out from the other 50,000. Fans that make the hike to that row are officially one mile above sea level.

You would think that the view beyond the outfield fence would be amazing, but it’s actually quite disappointing. There is an official MLB rule, Rule 1.04 to be specific, that states: “it is desirable that the line from home base through the pitchers plate to second base shall run East Northeast.” Unfortunately for the fans, the mountains are to the West and the skyline is to the South. It’s hard to call this a “missed opportunity” since there is an official rule regarding the direction a stadium faces, but a better outfield view would bring this park to another level.


3 thoughts on “#11: Coors Field, Colorado Rockies

  1. Hey Joe. Great meeting you at the Braves game Friday night.
    Just a comment on the rule that specifies stadium orientation. It is not a rule….merely a suggestion. If you noticed, SunTrust Park has an orientation from home to center that is Northeast to SouthWest. There was quite a bit of conversation about that but as it turns out there are four parks in baseball with a similar orientation. There is a website where you can see each stadium orientation. In short, Colorado had options.
    Love your website. Looking forward to seeing our new stadium’s ranking.


      1. Thanks Joe. Love our ranking. Although I am of course biased, I completely agree with your top three. I am not one for hyperbole, but the Braves really did nail it with this place. I have been going to games all season and have yet to lose the feeling of wonder in this park. If you ever make it back this way, make sure to let me know. Take care. Ray

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