#25: Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees

Number of Visits: 17 (2009-2017)

Bachelor Party, 2013
Bachelor Party, 2013

Yes, I am a huge Yankees fan. Yes, I was sad they demolished the old stadium. Yes, the new stadium stinks. The concourse level reminds me of a crowded airport and the atmosphere is very dull.

Yankee Stadium is an experience for the upper-class, not for the average baseball fan and certainly not for the fan that enjoys going to multiple games per season. On any given night, the cheapest seats in the ballpark run $18 for a bleacher seat with an obstructed view. How can you build a $2.3 billion stadium and with obstructed view seats? For the 2017 season, these seats will be removed for some standing-room areas.

Monument Park is essentially the Yankees Hall of Fame. My biggest disappointment with the old Yankee Stadium was that this  shrine was closed during the game. You think this would no longer be an issue at the new ballpark, but since it is in the batter’s eye, it remains inaccessible after the first pitch. This is such a major design flaw.

The museum is a very nice attraction and it is actually open during the game. There can be long lines to enter so it is best to get there early.



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