#1: Oracle Park, San Francisco Giants

Number of visits: 1 (2009)


On the edge of the San Francisco Bay sits baseball’s most flawless gem, AT&T Park. There’s a lively restaurant and bar scene outside the stadium and beautiful views once inside. When I visit a new ballpark, I love to stroll around the lower concourse to understand the unique flavor of each park. This stroll had a little of everything: stylish lighting, a playground for the kids, an up-close look at McCovey Cove, and a mammoth Coca-Cola bottle and baseball mitt in left field.

Another unique feature of AT&T Park is the pattern-less infield and outfield grass. It’s the only grounds crew that abstains from mowing a pattern into the field.

With Bookman in 2009
With Brian Bookman in 2009

The only flaw in this otherwise perfect gem is the Chevron gasoline sign on the left field fence. The cartoon cars are distracting and rise a few feet above the wall, obstructing the view and causing home runs to fall for doubles. It wasn’t enough of a flaw to keep it from the top spot, but I would love to see this advertisement run out of gas.


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